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Having trouble w/ accord 95 need help before schools here.


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So I bought a honda accord 95, I was ecstatic childhood dream car, It ran fine when I saw it, had a mechanic check it out before we purchased it off the title holder, mechanic said it looked like a good car besides the problem of the muffler needing a little welding and the speedometer not working, I parked it at home when it was purchased it ran fine, went out to use it about maybe two days later when I started it, It began to shake lightly I thought nothing of it automatically until the following day, I took it to a mechanic he said it was mis-firing and it was probably the spark plug wires said one wasn't hitting the spark plug which was making it shake and not hit gear correctly, he tried his spark plug wire on it and it was fine, the next day I decided to go and buy new wires, purchased them and put them on one at a time, they didnt touch while connecting them or anything like that. Turned on the car again and this time it shaked worse and this time even turned off on me after putting the car into reversed out my driveway, Since I have been slowly pressing the gas n have the car in neutral at lights and stop signs when its acting up, today I'm supposed to go buy some new spark plugs but Idk if thats the problem any ideas? I'd appreciate any advice given.

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