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Acura 2000TL, Does it have potential?

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n short terms, I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and i have been driving since early april (I'm 18 almost 19). I have luckily inherited my auntie's 2000 Acura TL with only 53,000 milesthumbsup.gif. However, the car was not driven for a good year and a half because my uncle (who was driving the car) had gotten terminal cancer and was bedridden. In the past few months i've encountered a few problems with the car, The first problem was shaking. I felt the car shake when I was on the highway on more than one occasion. I had taken it to the repair shop and the guy told me something about the coils going bad and to come back and change them if the problem keeps occurring.

Another problem occurred, Occasionally when putting the key in the ignition to start the car it will make a starting noise but do nothing but turn on the radio and not the engine itself and more than occasionally the car will start up for a second or two then die out when i am about to pull out the lot.

Besides those two problems, the car is in awesome shape, The interior is almost flawless but has a few minor rips in the chair. The car runs pretty well and the low mileage makes it hard for me to let it go.

In the past month or so I have been looking to fix up the body and make modifications to improve performance and the "looks" factor. My parents have been kind enough to help me out on the bodywork part, to make my car "New" looking. After i got the quote on how much It was to re-do the car I have been thinking whether it is actually worth it to keep it or not, or should i go out to find another car. Then i got into the "racing" scene and kinda wanted to be like those guys with super modded cars. Yes, as you can see i'm crazy confused as of what to do, but the Acurazine guys have been extremely patient and helpful in helping newbies like me out. Anyways, thanks for reading and here are the pictures of the bodywork that will supposedly cost $8.7k hahahaha.annoyed.gif

(There is NO WAY in hell i nor my parents will spend that much for bodywork, I am looking into different places that will be of cheaper cost). I believe my parents cap for bodywork would be around 2.5k-3k?



Does the TL have potential to become a "racing" type of car? If i installed an exhaust, headers, cai and more? What do you guys suggest I install?

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