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Honda Accord Voice Portal / Nav


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I bought a 2013 Accord with the Nav package. When the car is moving most of the Nav / Phone features have to be accessed through the Voice Portal. In the Accord this is a virtually useless system. Looking for an nearby Starbucks? You've got to spell it out (letter-by-letter), and then it only gives you the nearest one (if you're lucky). Like to make a phone call from your contact list? Good luck with that! Tell it to dial Jeff and you get a choice of six names, none of them starting with "J". Try to get the dealer's help? Not a good idea. Try to find a non-robot at Honda of America? Best of luck with that. No one cares about your satisfaction once you've paid your money. Surprise, surprise!!


I've owned a lot of Hondas and they're nice cars. Just avoid anything smacking of "high tech", at least this year. I just sold mine (after six frustrating months).

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