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Honda Civic 98 lost keys - how to find the key chip code?


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Am the owner of a 98 honda civic and just lost my keys, am not sure how to explain it but to make my new key the locksmith needs the frequency of a chip or something. It's not a wireless key, meaning i can't open the car from a distance it just has a chip or something(I think it's called imobillizer). The locksmith explained that when you put the key in it has a chip that enables you to start your car, so i can't start it with just the key it needs the chip too. In sort he explained to me that he needs to read the code of the keys chip from within the brain of the car or if he can't reset it and put a new one in. I just want to know if i can retrieve the code-frequency or what ever that is so i won't pay him a rediculus amount for my new keys and just give him the code-frequency to make me the new one. I repeat my keys was not wireless they just had some kind of chip the keyhole recognizes so it could let you start the car. Thank you in advance for your time taking to reply.

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