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Please help, surging idle problems


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Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm having an idle surge problem on my 2006 Honda accord coupe v6 3.0L manual transmission with 102000 miles on it. It stalled and lost all power on me once while in neutral, getting off the highway. Car felt like it has no power, surge feeling and sound from the muffler and idle dropped below 500rpm and then dies. I put it under an obdll reader and it gave me a P0404 code reading with a misfire in all of my cylinders. So I took my intake manifold apart, clean and flushed out my manifold, clean my egr ports and replace my egr with a new from AutoZone. Reset the code and drove my car around for a bit and the engine light came back on. Threw it back on the obdll and now the P0404 code is gone with no misfires but it gave me a P0507 code. So since my iac is electrically attached to my throttle body, I replace the throttle body with a new one from Honda. Now my idle surges between 1200-2000rpm in neutral and I don't know what else could be wrong. PCV, MAF??? PLEASE HELP

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