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Rattling sound coming from back right (while sitting in driver's s


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Just got a new 2013 Honda Civic Coupe LX last Friday (7/12) and of course I didn't hear this during the test drive (and yes I had the radio off; I know salesman tactics). Now I've been hearing a rattling sound that sounds to me like a glass pane subtly rattling when I hit uneven road/small bumps. It's not THAT loud but it's noticeable without the radio on, and of course with a new car you want everything to be perfect. Well I drove my dad around the block in it and he heard it too then he sat in the back to try to pinpoint the source. We couldn't.... he thought it was coming from somewhere in the back... maybe where the back seats meet the back of the trunk. He tightened the spare tire down but that wasn't it... he undid the seatbelts thinking those were rattling together but that wasn't it. There is one piece in the trunk and I have no idea what it is... looks like a plastic handle (at the top left) but I haven't figured out what it does yet. Any ideas???

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