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Brand new 2013 Honda Civic Coupe LX - PLEASE help


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Bought a 2013 Honda Civic Coupe LX (black) on Friday July 12th and when I was cleaning the floor mat (drivers side) during my break at work today I noticed the exposed insulation and lack of plastic cover covering the joint/accelator... or is there one? I never would have looked down there before purchasing the car... I mean the pictures make it look worse than it is but it's above where the carpet ends obviously. Should there not be a plastic cover? I emailed my salesman and the lead sales manager. Lead sales manager responded and said he doesn't see what's wrong. Avoided answering if all their Civics look like this. My next step is going down to the dealership again IN PERSON and actually looking at this area of the other new Civic Coupe's in the lot. I'm so frustrated. Wanted to come here to see if anyone elses is like mine or if I really am missing something.



**Please see 3rd post for pics that actually work. Thanks James!

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Pics from level where I first noticed (cleaning floor mat; it's high up there but I still caught it and it doesn't look right to me):








Up close:




http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=5chhxy&s=5 (Red '86' and sticker don't seem right; as if this stuff should be covered)


http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=rcod1c&s=5 (This pic makes it look the worst because of how close I got with the iphone camera)




Contacted LEAD sales manager and he didn't see what was wrong after I sent him these pics; he sent me this blurry pic trying to show me another is like mine:






So I need to know, IS THIS NORMAL!? I'm about to go across town to the other Honda dealership and pose as a buyer just to look in new Civic Coupes on the lot like mine.

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It looks sorta normal. Older Hondas had a knee bolster that came down further. Yours is pretty high up and leaves alot out in the open. I checked the parts listing and that is the correct knee bolster and it is that small. Thumbs down for Honda design, they need to work on the design concepts for the interior. My 1997 Honda Accord EX V6 has a knee bolster that goes down way further than yours and I still don't like mine cause I can see wires.



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Where exactly are you seeing any sort of knee bolster? I honestly see nothing, but to me it just seems like a cheap design or cost-effective measure for them if this is indeed the norm. I've posted this same thread on three different Honda boards looking for help/guidance because the sales people don't seem to be upfront with me (big surprise right?).

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In general, sales persons and service persons are generally "unknowledgeable" and they don't want you to know it so their responses tend to be dubious.


#10 in the diagram is what I'm looking at.

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