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1995 Honda Accord 2.2 Vtec starting problem.


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I have this 1995 Honda Accord with 300k miles that has been so great to me ever since I bought it. It has never left me stranded and it will always take me to work. One time the radiator hose broke exactly when I pulled in the driveway when I got home from work. It felt like it struggled from breaking down until it got me safely home. I think my 1995 Accord might be alive!.


Lets get to the problem though. This started happening about a week and a half ago. The ignition switch has three stages. Sometimes on the second stage where the dashboard lights should turn on they do not and my car will crank but not turn on. After doing it a couple of times it feels like it turns on but then all of the lights go off on the dashboard and it shuts off. So I go from stage one to stage two of the ignition switch a couple of times until the car finally turns on. Could it be that the ignition switch is going bad? Because I can pull the key from the switch when the car is on. I also run my car when the tank is almost empty. Will this cause dirt and stuff to damage the fuel pump? Car has been running fine for three years up until now!

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