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2005 honda civic DX. Automatic transmission,slow pickup speed


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Initially I faced this slow pickup speed issue. The car was very slow with delay pickup speed in the 1st gear. It runs smooth in the rest of the gears. I can see the engine roaring and trying to run and gear are shifting properly but I won't feel or see the great speed or pickup. Then I changed engine oil and oil filter with transmission oil with sparkplugs. I used honda oil and parts. But there was no difference.

As soon as I changed the fuel filter, Car pickup speed showed improvement. After changing fuel filter car pickup issue was 85% resolved. But after I changed transmission fluid with original honda oil with tapped adjustment i am facing a minor slow pickup problem again. It seems like the problem goes away and comes back. Especially when the AC is on the car do a tiny missing in the accelerating in the 1st gear. Mechanic said may be throttle issue.


I was told by the honda dealership that this car had built in trans.filter. When i bought the car, engine and transmission fluid were not changed for a very long time. I did engine and radiator flush. Because radiator had some rust. Do u think the clutch plates are bad or else? AC seems to be putting lot of load on the engine. The dealership said don’t change the built in transmission filter instead change the transmission oil couple of times more periodically hoping that it get cleaned. Other problem is that my car is giving 200 Miles in full tank. I changed the gas tank cover. The problem is still there and I only smell tiny gas smell when the engine starts. No leakage of gas is spotted.

Just want to clear that when I say that pickup speed is slow I don't mean that it should run like V6 or V8 engine I am comparing it to other 1.3 to 1.6 range engine. And transmission fluid is at good level.



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