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2013 honda accord muffler/ exhaust


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Hi I am BRAND NEW to the forums and to working on cars in general but am interested in getting started !


My first small project I want to start is the sound of my exhaust


I understand that for performance id have to take out my whole exhaust and put in a new one but I am only currently focused on changing the sound of mine and was told I could simply do this with a new muffler?


Is this information true that if I am solely looking to change the sound I can swap for example a flowmaster 10 series muffler without messing with the catalytic converter or the other things.


******on the 2013 accords do I have to cut my muffler off and weld it back!?! I was told this but have seen videos on the internet of exhaust hangers being unbolted as well as the muffler and it slides off allowing a new one to be easily fashioned on, is this still an option or only for older cars???


(added question)
I was looking at the flowmaster 40 series muffler because it wasn't rediclously loud but still in the "aggressive " category but is there any better or equally good mufflers for a same price or less 80 + or -



Thank you

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So you are trying to make a brand-new Accord sound like lawn mower? Given it is a brand-new car why is there price pinching in regards to the cost of the muffler? You get what you pay for. If you want your car to sound like a hacksaw modified $80 Autozone muffler that's what you are going to get for $80.


I'm thinking you can get the same quality effect by hanging your head out the window and making motorboat sounds with your lips when you drive.

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