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1997 Accord Motor Shaking bad and Dies


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Hi, I bought a 97 accord ex new body style 4cy vtec with 175k miles and the radiator was leaking and the ac compressor was bad and the battery was bad. The car had been sitting for about a year maybe longer. I bought a radiator new from ebay, bought a used compressor and bought a battery. Put the batttery in it put coolant in radiator and drove it to a shop. The car ran fine. The shop put it the radiator and ac compressor and I drove the car about 30-40 miles and it drove fine. The next day I started it and after a few minutes it started to rattle and shake and sputter...motor was shaking like crazy and the check engine light came on. I was able to make it to autozone to check the codes. (Troubleshooting P0108, aa1-open or short circuit condition, aa2-poor electrical connection, aa3-faulty map sensor)
I replaced the map sensor and didnt change anything. Now I turn it on and it shakes just dies after 10-20 seconds.
It also looks like the drivers side fan is new, the person i bought it from I guess did that when he thought the car was overheating but it was the radiator that was the problem. I know the guy i bought it from pretty well and he says the car ran fine when he stopped it due to the radiator leak.

Please let me know what you guys think.
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It is very possible that the Idle Air Control valve is starting to get clogged up with carbon. This happens in older high-mileage vehicles. What you can do to correct it is, remove the idle air adjust screw and clean the tip of the screw and that passage into the throttle body. You have to clean the throttle and then the IAC valve itself. You then re-install the idle adjust screw and adjust the idle to proper specs. Also check the motor mounts and make sure they are not worn or broken. A mount that is broken can cause the engine to shake/vibrate very badly due to the metal on metal contact of a worn engine mount. If you do need to replace your Idle Air Control Valve this site looks like it has cheap prices, free shipping and great reviews http://www.buyautoparts.com/idle-control-valve.html

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