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Timing Questions

Will Frank

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Okay so I wanna clean and check the head. Well my car has 175000 miles so I'm wanting to change the timing and water pump but how do I know if the timing will be right if I put the new belt on and its not matched up like the old one. Because you're supposed to mark the timing belt when you take it off. I don't want to screw up the car by putting a new one on without advice first....

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the easiest way to go about that is to set the timing up to top dead center (when the arrows match up with their corresponding marks) and then find a way to lock it in place while you pull the belt off and complete the rest of your work. another thing to do is to count the number of ribs on the belt between the crankshaft pulley and the camshaft on the opposite side of the tensioner. your new belt may or may not have painted markings on it already to help you with getting everything lined up. if you have to also take a lot of pictures so your can look back at them for reference

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There are marks on the crank pulley cam pulley balancer shaft pulleys to set everything to Top Dead Center, locking things in place isn't necessary. Just think, what do you think we do when rebuilding the motor, can't remove the crank, balancers, or cams if they are "locked" in place. There is also a sequence to follow in installing the belt to ensure proper tension. Look it up, I don't know it off the top of my head, but the info is out there.

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