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What should I start with?


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every thing that everyone tells me when u want to start putting on performance upgrades is,,


1: upgrade the headers

2: ram air/cold air intake system

3: full exaust system with high flow cat,,


from what everyone tells me with those 3 u will notice an increase in power,, not sure on the number but enough to feel


if u are to do them all at different times u more than anything wont notice the power increase, but all at once, then yea


after that u can get into harder to do stuff like throttle body, or bigger fuel injectors

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Once you've done the basics (i.e. Full exhaust including headers, Cold Air Intake, Throttle Body, Injectors, Suspension, etc) thats when you'll want to find a performance shop that not only sells, but also installs and tunes a Hondata ecu for your engine. The tune is where the true upgrade in power and performance will come from

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