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94 Honda Accord EX Starts, then dies within 2 seconds.


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For the last 3 months my 94 Honda Accord EX has been firing up and then dying within 2 seconds. Hitting the gas makes the RPMs jump, but still dies instantly.

I checked the codes and my check engine light is giving me a code 15, which is the ignition output signal. From researching I've found that this could mean my ignition control module has gone bad. Would replacing that fix my problem? I have yet to find anything about a car starting, but not staying running be caused by a bad ICM.

I've replaced:
Main relay/fuel pump relay
Ingition switch
Fuel filter
Tested the fuel pump and its fine
Tested the wiring from the main relay and everything is fine
Checked and replaced all fuses and this definately isn't a result of bad gas.

I have gotten it started only about a dozen times since this started to happen. Any ideas would be great, because I'm going to be sending this car to the junk yard otherwise.

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As you said the code 15 is for Ignition Output Signal. You most likely have a bad igniter. If your check engine light indicates code 15 turn the ignition switch off and disconnect the 2P connector from the distributor. Now turn the ignition switch on and measure voltage between BLK/YEL (+) terminal and body ground. Check to see if there is battery voltage. If there is no voltage repair open in BLK/YEL wire between the 2P connector and ignition switch else turn the ignition switch off and reconnect the 2P connector. It could be a bad ECU.

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