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Dead 08 accord car no one can figure out why?


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Car- 2008 Honda accord lxp automatic transmission 43k miles warranty expired in Jan 2013


I had a breakdown in this car about a week ago I was driving about 20 MPH and all the sudden it sounded like something broke lose in my engine like a rock was bouncing around in there, then came a very loud buzzing sound. I parked the car and got out because it sounded like I had a branch or something stuck on my wheel. Nothing and then I hoped back in drove it very slowly and the buzzing was super loud and it was jerking then it just died. It would not start back up again.


The motor cranks, but will not turn over.


I had it towed to a automotive/transmission shop and they could not get power to the car I then towed it to another autoshop he had it for two days and ran every diagnostic he could and still could not get power to the car told me I would most likely need a new computer.


I then had it towed to Honda where it is currently at. They first said that it needed a new PCM because they could get no communication with the car. I ordered a new PCM and that costs $750 with everything.


They put in the new PCM and still the car will not work and they are not sure why? He said “every once in a while we get a car in here that kicks are ass and your car is it” Not exactly having a whole lot of confidence in this car?


Any guess on what this might be? Maybe something everyone has overlooked this far?

I have had it towed to 3 different shops and everyone is pretty much stumped. So I really cant afford to continue replacing things or guessing what should I do? Or what in the HELL is wrong with this car lol?



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