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95' Del sol ricemobile or what?


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Hey guy, first post here!
First off im 18 years old. Well I just got a 95' Honda civic del sol as a present by a family member from a family member. I can no longer contact the previous owner so I'm for some help on what i got if you can see anything.

All I know is everything is like aftermarket, almost new Honda 98' CRV motor(3k miles), with 99 GSR axles, stage 3 clutch(new), some rough undercoat paint I believe.. to describe it, it's like sandpaper/ a lot of texture. Craaazy sound system with changing light colors that go with the beat of a song, and an electric air to fuel ratio dial. Big subwoofer not hooked up yet in the trunk, one behind each seat and one installed in the middle of the dash..lol
I'm not entirely sure but I believe it's said to have 250hp(don't know how much torque) and the entire car is below 2200lbs.

I'm gonna take off the peelable stickers and the spoiler. looks troo ricey

I apologize that I don't know a lot of the terminology or a lot about cars,
because I very recently got into cars. Thanks guys so much for the input!
P.S. - 2 of my good friends said it was super ricey/ricer. "A bag of rice"... Is it??




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Lose the vinyl stickers -all of them.


Remove those tail lights, steering wheel, dash speaker, shift knob, extinguisher, rear wing, tow loop, short ram intake, rear bumper cover, exhaust, and ditch those rims.


Find stock: dash, tail lights, rear wing, shift knob, steering wheel with airbag, a-pillar trim, exhaust, rear bumper cover, intake air tube and cleaner box.


Restore the paint back to Paradise Blue Green Pearl and restore the valve cover back to wrinkle black like on the CR-V it came from.


And throw away that air freshener.



Edit: you might have misheard bag of rice, it was bag of dicks. Sorry, for the tough love but this was a beautiful car that only needed some rpf1s and the motor swap.

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Rofl. It's not that bad. It's just a car. The spoiler is a bit much, I agree. Same with the dashboard vinyls.


Having no history on the car and not being a preexisting Honda person you are in for an interesting time.


A big first step is to properly identify the engine you have. It will be really hard to fix and support it unless you know exactly what it came from since you can't go to autozone and ask for 95 Del Sol parts. To do this you need to get the engine code off of the block. It will be on a small-ish flat metal plate on the front (facing the bumper) side of the motor on your left hand side about halfway down. Sort of under the distributor.

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Well first ricer ricey is a special type of tuner car yes the civic del sol is a ricey ricer car there kinda common where I live ive seen a few around but not enough to make it totally common but anyways hope you enjoy yours wish you luck

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