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Timing belt whole unit


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You did not specify your vehicle year or engine which might change this info a little.


The default for a 4cyl Honda timing belt service should include the timing Belt (Honda OEM if possible), timing belt tensioner, water pump, water pump gasket.


There are other optional service items I like to do at the same time: thermostat and cooling system flush and new AC, PS and Alternator belts. When the water pump is replaced you loose a little coolant as well as maybe getting some debris in the system and now is as good a time as any to have that service performed. The belts all have to come off to get to the timing belt anyway. There should be $0 in labor to have them replaced as taking them on and off is part of the normal service process.

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Depends on what the mechanic meant when he said "timing belt whole unit". You will need to ask him. At a minimum it must be TB, TB Tensioner, WP and WP gasket. If it isn't then you need a better mechanic.

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