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couple of issues


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Sometimes when i start the car and put it in drive there is a delay in getting power. Its only for about a second or so but during this time there is no accelaration, and then it will go. It doesnt happen when i reverse only in drive. Also once in a while when the car shifts down, im not sure which gear, something is telling me 3 or second it seems a bit weird sometimes. It doesnt clunk or slip, it almost seems like maybe it shifts down to soon or something. I checked the fluid its fine and still redish.


Its a 2001 honda civic, 1.7 sohc.


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Try to replace the fluid and clear the transmission cooler. If this is not a problem, then there is an issue with the transmission itself. It may be an internal transmission failure. If so, the transmission should be replaced. If you are not having any trouble actually shifting the gear once the rpm's come down, It could be a clue to the clutch is nearing the end to its life. It also may be the pressure plate for the clutch could be starting to malfunction.

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