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1992 Civic CEL 43 no fuel smell


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Hi, I have a 43 code being thrown consistently after about 10 to 15 minutes of driving.


This is a manual, no mods have been done and I never get a fuel smell when it happens. I purchased it about 5 years ago It has about 190k on it and thinking about it, I don't ever remember replacing a fuel filter on it.


The other day, after 10 minutes of driving, I turned off car, ran into store for about 2 minutes and when attempting to start it, it would turn over but not fire. I let it sit for about 5 minutes and then it started fine.


On the way back home (this is the typical scenario before the Cel comes on) I'll be going 50-60 mph for a while, come to a stop and get it back up to 5th gear. About 1-2 minutes later I will get an odd, almost metallic smell that I have never experienced before and about 30 seconds later the Cel will come on and stay on until it's shut off. It does not come back on until this smell happens when driven again.


All the lines to and from the fuel filter look fine. I would like to try to replace the o2 sensor at front of engine but am hesitant to just go and figure that's the issue since the 43 code is kind of broad in it's problem areas.


The only thing out of the ordinary that was done recently, was to get about a half tank of gas at a station in the middle of nowhere on the way to the coast. After getting the fuel and about 10 minutes the cel went on for the first time.


I have run that gas and put some mid-grade in the next time from my usual station but the issue is still there along with the new issue of no firing after it is driven for 10-20 minutes.


My initial thoughts are that something is staying open or closed or that in fact the o2 sensor is bad since it's never been touched before. It's just odd to me that the cel comes on after driving, coming to a stop, getting that smell in 4th or 5th and then no notice of performance loss. Like something is not sensing that I am not in 5th going 60 anymore.


Sorry for the long winded description...that's the best I could do with limited knowledge and tools and I couldn't really find, searching the forums, a similar issue that didn't involve smelling fuel or a relay problem.


Thanks for any help.

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There are so many possible solutions to this issue.


Fuel filter is a good cheap first step.

O2 sensor is a common source.

Fuel pump and pressure regulators can be sources but not as common.

Leaks in the fuel tank or lines can cause this error as well as a bad fuel cap apparently.


Many of the fuel pressure related issues can be tested for with some pressure tools as opposed to replacing parts at random. Can't really test the O2 aside from replacement, but bad gas could have caused the filter and the O2 to foul out.

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Thanks for suggestions. I can hear the fuel pump when i turn the key on. I know that doesn't mean it's not a possibility it's pump related..but I'm leaning towards the O2. Feels to me like the wrong info or none at all is getting sent when the car is warmed up and not cold. I'll try to borrow some pressure tools if available.


Thanks again.

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