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Car Jack for a 99 Honda CRV 4W

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Hi Guys,


Im driving my brothers 99 Honda CRV 4WD with 127,273 Miles on the Odometer. well, yesteday I was inspecting the contents of the trunk and noticed that the scissor car jack was missing so I need to get a new one.


I was hoping you guys could tell me how much weight the new jack should be capable of lifting. The car is about 2 tons. Should I get a jack that can lift greater than 2 tons or is 2 tons good enough?


Thanks and regards!

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Unless you plan on lifting all four corners at once with the jack in the middle I think a 2 ton for lifting one corner will be more than sufficient.


Your crv is a popular car with many of them rusting away in salvage yards. You could pull a jack kit from a yard for $10-$20 and have the exact jack that fits the OEM mounting location if you are a stickler for that sort of perfection.

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