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2000 Honda Civic DX Check Engine Light Problems, HELP PLEASE.


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Today i got in my 2000 Honda Civic DX Automatic and its raining fairly hard.

Usually it starts up right away but this time it needed one more turn, suddenly my check engine light came on, didnt really think anything of it because i thought it was just because of the rain.

I went to autozone to check the codes and they came up as...

P1753 (Automatic Transmission Lockup Solenoid A Malfunction)


P1381 (Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor A Intermittent Interuption )

When i was driving for awhile it was running fine till suddenly the "D4" icon on the dash started flashing, then my car wasnt driving properly, it would feel like its in neutral but itd be driving at like 3 mph, so id pull over and restart the car and it was fine. after trying to go home and restarting my car multiple times it kept happening ever second till i couldnt really drive so i parked at a gas station, i turned it on again and put it in reverse and the car pulled itself and slammed then i put it into D4, and it was driving at neutral.

Keep in mind its raining fairly hard, not sure if it has anything to do with it. but yeah.

Im very grateful to any help, please and thank you.

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Check the connections to the lockup solenoids and the cam sensor. Could be some water in the connection. No way to tell from here. The D4 flashing means the Powertrain Control Module has stored a malfunction code. You can pull the code, but the protocol is to solve any ECU errors before resolving PCM issues.

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