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Ignition Problems


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Our 2005 Honda Accord LX (with 2.4L MFI DOHC 4 cylinder engine) will not start. The battery and alternator were just checked at AutoZone and they work great. There are three things that have been suggested so far (by friends, local mechanics, etc.) as possible fixes: 1) Replace the ignition switch; 2) Replace the positive battery cable; or 3) Replace the starter. Any suggestions on how to pinpoint the problem? We have limited funds right now and the starter replacement is the most expensive option. We also do not want to throw money away by replacing parts that are still working.

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You need to clarify what will not start means. Tell me step by step your start up sequence and at what step is the car not doing what it should.


I.E. you put the key in the ignition and click it forward to the accessory on position and you normally would hear the door open and seat belt not on buzzers and that isn't happening, when you flip the key to the start position you hear nothing at all and so on. I ask because depending on exactly what step of the process isn't working points to the possible source. No point in replacing the starter when your cars ignition switch is broken and so on.

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