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Radiator problems (blown radiator seal?)


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Let me start by saying I'm not much of a mechanic, so many of the terms I use will likely sound idiotic, and just plain wrong to "car guys".


I've been driving my '92 Accord without much thought to coolant level or engine temperature, but last (warm and humid) night, we were driving to the park on surface streets about 12 miles away with the a.c. on, when about 3/4 way there we smell something odd, and notice the temp in the red. I, the complete moron, thought that maybe the temp gauge didn't work (like its neighbor, fuel gauge) and that we were smelling the bus in front of us, so we continued to our destination..... almost! All of a sudden, we see steam spew dramatically out from under the right side of the hood and liquid (coolant, I assume) sprays the right side of the windshield. We were able to coast/push it to the parking lot nearby.


After letting it cool down for a while, we drove to a nearby gas station, about a 1/2 mile away, and it had already began to overheat. We added a gallon of pre-diluted coolant, and after letting it cool down again, we drove home, without overheating, but it seemed to be bubbling, steaming, and leaking a bit when we parked.


So now I notice the little seal/gasket thing that appears to be out of place (see photo). What is this? Is it a part that can be replaced, or is it the end of my radiator? Any help would be appreciated.









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I haven't seen that before. I can't tell from the pictures if it is a gasket or just a spacer or vibration reduction pad.


Since this issue have you driven it again? What is the current coolant level? If the coolant ran down low enough that the reservoir was empty you will have sucked air into the system so you will need to keep topping off the coolant every day or two till the air works back out of the lines. If the car is dumping coolant on the ground my previous statement is kind of a moot point.

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