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1999 Civic Died On Side of Road!!!


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Was driving to work on a rainy morning when the engine gave out at around 30 mph. I pulled to the side and tried to start it, and after about 5 seconds of straight cranking the engine started again. Acted strange for a couple seconds then acted normal again. About 5 minutes later the engine cuts out once more but didn't start. It's been warm and sunny these past few days and everything is dry. Had it towed to my house to run a few tests which are.

- Fuel Pump; When I turn the key I hear the fuel pump running for a few seconds before turning itself off.

- Fuel Pressure; Loosened the fuel hose before fuel rod near engine and fuel squirted out and shot a far distance.

- Spark Plugs; Removed each spark plug individually and each one seemed to spark fairly strong. Was visible from driver seat on a sunny day.

- Compression; To test compression and make sure It cranks, I removed 1 spark plug and stuck a plastic bag with a screwdriver into the hole and shot right out and seemed to have very strong healthy compression.

- Distributor Cap; From reading previous posts I read to watch out for a white substance.
I opened the distributor cap and saw an almost negligible amount of white powder along with tiny amounts of rust on the bottom of the cap, with some white on the metal on the wheel, and slight white on the 4 metal pieces on the cap itself that the wheel touches to give electric (no idea whats it called hopefully you do).

Plus when I turn the key the check engine light comes on, I hear a click then it turns off.
Jumped the connectors and have a steady check engine light. Not sure if that's code 0 since I read that if it is indeed code 0 then the check engine light will be on with or without the jumper.

Thanks everyone in advance.
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It's an internal, and it's part of the new distributor.


Wouldnt the ECU give off code 0 if there's any errors associated, so far I have no indication of that. I'm going to get new spark plugs as well since they ran out when I bought the wires and distributor.

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Update: Just installed new spark plugs and no change.


While I was there I asked about a ECU but they run about $350 just to get an idea. Unfortunately I don't know anyone where I can swap out one.


There anyway to diagnose a bad ECU?



As I posted earlier I don't have a check engine light on, only when I have the jumper installed into the OBD1.

That link is for a steady check engine light.


Source: http://honda-tech.com/showthread.php?t=1901557

Reads if:

"-code 0 is defined by the CEL remaining on steady both without and with the service connector jumped."

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