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hey guys i have a 2000 accord v6 automatic B7XA transmission. I can start the car normally in park, but once i move the shifter into any gear i get a constant grinding/groaning noise that wont go away until car is shut off. In ALL gears it makes this noise, car will not move. If i put the car back into park then it starts a terribly severe grinding noise that grinds contineously! Once i shut the car off and restart theres no problem until i shift out of park again.


What is my course of action? i am a fairly skilled backyard mechanic with no transmission experience


Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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So i replaced the transmission with one i found in the junker, no sensors or solenoids tho so i had to re-use mine. It drove great for about 2kms and craps out. Its like the clutch isnt gripping or something (automatic B7XA). Similar issue to what i was having with the original trans. Gears dont switch anymore...well i managed to reverse it a lil of the way home but it felt like when the clutch is slipping on a manual car.


No engine codes ever! but i checked the solenoids and none of them are within the resistance range. The Clutch Control Solenoid, and Dual Shift Solenoids did not pass a 12V bench test either. Also i smelt burnt trans fluid.


Should I even bother throwing money at these solenoids? or new transmission come with them usually?


Anyone heard of this type of failure? I heard a lot about these transmissions having problems anyone ever had success with this model by changing the solenoids?

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no guarantee. but its not a coicidence that this replacement trans worked perfect before it gave me the same symptoms. something else is making my trans(x2) crap out. its stuck in neutral, but i can feel and hear the shifts from P to R to D. Grinds terribly now when i put it in park...just like the first one did. I dont want to change every sensor and solenoid and harness. checked grounds, its got to be something other than the trans internally...but what??????? Stupid honda engineers screwed us

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