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Civic Hybrid - IMA/Transmission Problem - Stranded on Road Trip


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'04 Civic Hybrid - CVT Transmission / IMA Problem

Went in reverse, and felt something slip in the CVT transmission

Continued in drive for a mile or so, with some further slippage in the transmission, while RPMs jumped a bit, then "Drive" light in gear selector on dash started flashing. Owner's manual states this indicates "potential problem in transmission", and IMA assist gauge started jumping between assist/charge. Eventually lost all forward power transmission (reverse still working okay).

Any ideas for possible problem / how serious?

I'm hoping maybe it's just the CVT belt, but maybe CVT drums themselves? Hopefully no serious mechanical problems in drive train?

Potential cost/time to fix? IMA problem still covered by Honda? (150K miles)

(I'm on a road trip and now stranded...)

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