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feed back carb


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Lulz on you thinking a carbed Accord has a computer.


Fix the EGR. Find out why your motor doesn't want to behave. I've had an 86 Accord with CVCC and it is say more maintenance than PGM-Fi but with the right tweaking it can run just as smoothly. The key is adjusting the carb idle and advance to the most common driving conditions; the CVCC cannot adapt to various driving conditions as rapidly as the PGM-Fi, you'll just have to accept that.

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$700? Holy hell. I wouldn't spend that much on a new engine. To own an 88 accord with a carb I can only assume you are in the deep south or the far west. Particularly the west there are gobs of these cars in fine condition baking away in salvage yards that you can scavenge parts off of for dirt cheap.

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I had the same prob sort of with my 88 lx auto carbed. try following the vacuum diagram sticker under the hood I had to do that after a week after I bought mine . whoever owned it before cut and moved about five or six of them. bought new hoses and reconnected them and now it fires right up and idles just fine need to get new plugs and wires soon thought. have u checked the plugs and wires could be a problem to . try aslo adjusting the little scew valve on the back side of carb could help a little. r u shure its the egr valve and not an air control valve. what ris the car doing no real explination on that.

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