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How do I swap heads from a d16y7 to a z6 head?


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I recently got my 96' Civ hatch back and I worked up the money to swap heads. I want to know all the info to go about swapping heads. I have no clue at all, I wish it was as easy as un bolting it then bolting it back together, but I'm gonna guess it's just a tad harded...


Please let me know, I'm new to all of this.

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This is a task that has been well documented around Honda forums. If you google search for a mini-me how-to there are several write ups with pictures and descriptions.


One thing to note (I have not done this swap myself): most people deride the mini-me swap at this point. For the effort involved the payback is minimal. There are timing issues which can be resolved with the purchasing of additional parts. Now that you have gone in this deep with the head and extra parts you are approaching, or surpassing, the price of just swapping your motor for a d16y8. When the swap was pioneered the z6 and the y8 motors were newer, more expensive and harder to come by. Those motors are of such an age now that they are easy to come by for minimal expense.

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