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Alpine couldn't fix their own radio


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I need some help please.
2005 Accord LX 4-door
The OEM radio went out over a year ago. Finally I took out the radio and sent it to Alpine along with the check in the amount they requested. 3 weeks later I received the check back voided out, a letter stating it was not repairable and the unit arrived shortly afterwards.
Now I don't know what to do. I don't want to go aftermarket, I want to keep the original face and controls (I've heard the aftermarket face has finish issues). So I'm looking on ebay and similar websites and all I can find is 6 disc cd players. Will I be able to make the 6 disc version work? And I saw an ad that said once installed it will have to go to the dealer for programming. Can someone please clarify this for me?
I'm very grateful for your time.

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I don't know enough about an 05 Accord's systems to comment on the reprogramming issue. As for the 6 disc setup: all the radio electronics are enclosed within the radio. The vehicle harness that plugs into the radio will be universal for your model of car. Any radio for your generation should fit and connect as it should regardless of cd, dvd, tape or 8-track without modifying anything in regards to physical fitment. The programming thing might be another story.


As for the OEM radio: personally, the first thing I do with any car is throw away the stock radio. By and large they are terrible quality. The stock does keep the original look of the cars interior but the quality of newer aftermarket stereos is amazing compared to the 10 year old stock you have. If you can get past the looks issue you can get an aftermarket setup installed and it would also bypass any possible programming issue.

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