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98 LX Door problem


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Hello! This is my first post on here! This site is great. So why I am posting this is because of my locks on my 1998 civic lx. My dad had bought this car new in 1998.. and has had it til now and now it is mine. My rear locks are almost gone, which is a problem. My DS door opens perfectly fine and same with the passenger side. But my rear doors do not open almost at all. One hasnt opened for almost a month now, and the other one opens 1 of every 5 tries or so. It might not be the lock.. it might be the hinge. I feel like it might be missing the catch to unlock the door. What do you think this may be? Cheap fix or new door locks/hinges? Any diy things to try to fix it?


Edit: I also had tried wd40 just a little bit on one of the doors and that didnt help it at all.

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Check the cables or linkage rods at the latch end. Many cars use plastic clips to retain the cable or rod to the latch mechanism; check these carefully for breakage and cracks. If no broken or missing parts are found, close the door and allow it to latch. Operate the release lever on the latch. If the door does not open, replace the latch.

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