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2012 Honda Civic Road Noise Revisited - Finally some help

Oregon Oldguy

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Hi, my first post here,


Take a moment and visit a new website designed to be of help to owners of 2012 Honda Civics (and other cars) who experience excessive cabin noise. www.CivicNoise.com


Two petitions have been started; one directed to American Honda and the second to NHTSA the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This began after I purchased a 2012 Civic LX Coupe abot 7 months ago. I started my research on this noise issue on the 2012 Civic a couple of months later, largely because I have received absolutely no help from my dealer or American Honda. I've purchased sound level meters, performed countless road tests, read all I could find about noise polution and finally compiled it all into a website.


If you are feeling a bit short changed, if you've tried to get help from Honda and been rejected, if you feel Honda is not living up to its reputation and wish you would have held out for a 2013 Civic, you are not alone and I'm hoping together we can be of help to each other.


Visit the website; leave your checkbooks and credit cards in your wallet, there is nothing you can buy, it's information and links to references to prove the claims made on the site. It is developed so as to get you involved so we can get our cars fixed.


Please note, we are compiling a data-base to send to NHTSA to let them know all year, make and model of vehicles that have excessive road and or wind noise on the interior. Even if your car is another brand and out of warranty, we would love to hear from you so as to add your information to the data base


Thanks in advance, Bill



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