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Help with 2000 Accord Front Hub Removal


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I need to replace the bearings on the front drivers side of my 2000 Honda Accord EX. I have been able to find "Accord 98-2002" videos and walkthroughs but the 2000 seems to be a different setup. I understand it's easier to just get the hub assembly instead of trying to remove the bearings, which is what I did with the rear when it needed to be replaced. The rear came off pretty simply after some elbow grease, but I'm having difficulty removing the front assembly. The wheel has been removed, caliper is off, rotor is off, spindle nut has been removed, but the assembly doesn't want to budge. We aren't able to see any bolts on the back side even after taking the dust cover off but it's possible we may have missed something, otherwise it's just REALLY on there. I was just hoping someone could confirm whether or not there's anything else we need to do to remove the assembly before we get too rough with it. Any help would be appreciated!

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I have a 2002 Accord Ex, should be the same. QUESTION: When you state "the assembly doesn't want to budge", are you specifically referring to the hub assembly? (I assume you are.) I do not recall anything holding the hub assembly on the end of the splined driveshaft once the spindle nut is removed. Perhaps you can pull outwards on the hub assembly and have someone tap on the end of the splined driveshaft as the hub assembly is pulled outwards. NOTE: Do not be tapping on the end of the driveshaft without turning an extra spindle nut around backwards and screwing it on a bit. Also, DO NOT TAP ON THE END OF THE DRIVESHAFT UNLESS YOU ARE PULLING IT OUTWARDS, The other end of the driveshaft can do some serious damage in the area where it is installed. When you eventually get the hub assembly off you will need to take it to a quality machine shop and have the old wheel bearing pressed out, and a new one pressed in. Hopefully, the person pressing the new bearing in knows enough to press the bearing in by pressing only on the outside of it. Good luck!

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