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Lost hazards, dash lights, power windows, sunroof, turning signals, ec


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Lost my power windows, sunroof, parking lights, speedometer, temperature gauge, dash lights, hazards and turning signals all in the same day.

All bulbs are FINE. I even tested them in my girlfriends car.
All fuses are FINE. I even replaced ones that weren't blown that could be causing this.

If it helps any my headlights, radio, cigarette lighter, Heat/AC (and the lights for heat/ac buttons) all work fine.

Is it possible that it could be the relay switches? Their are individual relay switches for the turning signal/hazards, power windows and headlights- all of which haven't been replaced in 5-10 years. If so...WHAT would cause all of them to simultaneously go bad in the same day?

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sounds like you will need schematics to see how the wiring is integrated. I will try to see what I can find in the meantime, but having all those components fail at the same time is unlikely, rather, you probably had an unwanted guest chewing or maybe something was pinched or cut. Without wiring schematics it is too much guess work to help point you to a proper direction. And you will also need to know how to use multimeter to check for voltage or ground



Just thought of ignition switch....when failing it will have odd symptoms also. try back probing the switch to make sure all is well there. Before checking ignition switch, see if there is 12v going to window switch -since that's easy to get to.


Another possiblity, one of the main grounds are loose or cut... under dash there are a few on firewall and kick panels.

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