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Water evaporating within the engine, possibly the heads?


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My initial thoughts when I found myself pulling over to the side of the road after having overheated the engine were that 1. there was a leak with either the radiator hose or 2. The thermostat was damaged...so I replaced the thermostat a few days ago and ive come to notice the antifreeze reserve is depleting much faster than normal. Would any of you have any insight on to what possibly might be causing the reserve to deplete yet leaving no evidence of any leaks? My initial sources advised it is not a problem being caused by the radiator the problem could be that the liquid is being evaporated somewhere within the heads. Any insight or clues would be helpful.

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How many miles on the vehicle? timing belt and water pump have been done? IF yes then, best way to check would to pressure test the cooling system using the tool.... can be rented from local auto parts store. Pump it up to just below or no more than the 13psi. Pressure should hold. If you see gauge drop, LISTEN for a hiss, spray suspected areas with windex or light dishsoap/water mix, LOOK for bubbles or coolant seeping around motor head gaskets, water pump area (timing cover sides and bottom), heater core and hoses....


a bad radiator cap could be the culprit also.... if all else checks out, simply replace the cap.


good luck and keep us updated!

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<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Cuba Rodriguez" data-cid="450326" data-time="1367269200"><p>

<br />

a bad radiator cap could be the culprit also.... if all else checks out, simply replace the cap.<br />

<br />

good luck and keep us updated!</p></blockquote>


BTW that same tool you refer to can also pressure test the radiator cap.

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