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98 Accord Idling Issues.


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I have a 98 Accord 2.3L I4 with a manual transmission. About a year and a half a ago my car was experiencing low idling issues. I found out that since my car does burn a non alarming, but decent amount of oil, carbon was building up on the EGR valve causing the EGR valve to stick open. I replaced it with an aftermarket EGR valve and gasket. It caused a different trouble code, but engine idled fine. I think the code was insufficient lift. I have had to clean it several times because the new EGR because also developed carbon deposits causing it to stick open a little. I know it's not good for the gasket, but I'm poor. I can not afford to replace the underperforming engine part. Now cleaning it isn't helping it at all. When I release the gas pedal with the clutch disengaged, it drops to around 500 RPM (sometimes as low as 450RPM), then goes up to about 650 RPM, then drops back to 500 RPM, and then it idles fine at around 700 RPM. This all happens within a couple seconds. I also heard something rattle in the EGR when I cleaned it. Is the gasket leaking? It the rattle a potential cause? or what else could the problem be? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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