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Serious Rotor Warping Problem -


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First off I just want to shout a big fat HELLO to everyone who comes along. I'm a newbie to the forums but have really been needing a place like this for a while. My issue is my rotors. I own a 2002 civic si 2.0L. Last Summer (2012) I bought a whole new set of rotors and pads at advanced auto parts. The setup I got was mid grade, I don't think I paid more than 200$ for an entire front and rear set of pads and rotors. I replaced them because my previous rotors had warped.

Anyway, 6 months later my new set is warped, especially in the back... Really bad pulsing, creaking, and corrosion too - almost identical symptoms to the last set. I just had both front struts replaced, and tie rod ends replaced. Although, a front ball joint is still in need of repair. I am a very careful driver, though spirited I admit. I live in Vermont where salt is heavily used, and winter conditions are rough. I do drive about 30 miles every week day. Also, whenever possible I avoid holding my foot on the brake petal when stopped - advice given to me by an old fella who knows his cars stuff. I never bedded these breaks, but still less that 6 months and they are trashed seems a bit stupid..

I just need this problem to stop. I cant afford to dish out $200+ every 6 months. To ensure it is not hardware related I am going with wagner ceramic pads, and a more expensive set sexy of slotted rotors. Any suggestions?


thanks all,


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Thanks for the advice - although Brembo seems to only make front rotors for this car. Id hate to sacrifice quality in the back too.. I hope the Bremos last.. $120+ for a pair of blanks makes me cringe.. The ball joint is priority, though I am in the process of finding a new mechanic, Ive lost trust in the guys I've been using for 10 years. unfortunately..


thanks again

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