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Multiple Symptoms for a while dont know what it is Civic 96


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The car has been spitting something out of the exhaust for a while now. It happens randomly idk if its oil or what.


The car also randomly use up all the oil too but idk if it has something directly to do with it. Im starting to suspect that it does.


The car all of a sudden turns off when im reaching a stop at random times too. I replaced the bad battery which fixed it only for a while so the problem could be something else. I checked all the fuses but they seemed good.


Today I looked under the hood and there was coolant all over the intake and idk why that happened either. I had just filled the coolant up and now its gone.


The gas meter is also crazy sometimes.


Im thinking of just selling this shit but if you guys have any ideas to solutions please let me know




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To be honest my car has the same situation could be an oil leak and you have to change the pressure gauge. Or the fact that the violent went on your intake but more sure of the pressure gauge.

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