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Rough Idle, Acts like it will stall, then Runs fine


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Hey, i was wondering if i could get help with an issue that my mom is having with her car, she doesnt know her way around the internet very well so i figured i would help her out. The problem she is having just as the title says. Ive tried google search and come up with nothing. I live in Idaho and shes over it Connecticut and I can only do so much 2600 miles away.


Basically what she is telling me is the car has a rough idle, when she comes to a stop the car will act like its going to die and then straighten itself out.


The car is a 1997 Honda Civic LX 1.6L with no modifications.


To me it sounds like maybe a TPS or IAC valve is going bad. Im hoping its nothing serious cause the IACs for these cars are pricey. I would appreciate any help you guys can give me. Thanks again


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