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Review Honda Civic


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Honda Civic. This name is already famous in the market and do not need much advertising.

Was driving a Toyota before getting this Honda Civic. I would say that it was a right move to change to a Honda. The ride is more fun as compared and comfort level is on par.

Reliability - Honda cars never have much issues with reliability. The engine is fun and also reliable. How is that possible? That, I cannot give you an answer but what I can tell you is that, you will never go wrong with a Honda. Maintaining a Honda is easy as well. You can use any engine oil available in the market and even though the servicing interval is 10k / 6 months, you can actually drag it a bit more before changing and the engine still performs well.

Engine performance. This is again, not much explanation needed. The engine delivers the performance that you need or want. On days where you want to drive like a Formula 1 car, you can. On days where you just want to sit back and cruise along, you can too. The engine gives you both performance and smoothness.
What I like
I love the fact that Honda is able to give you both performance and reliability. Both of that factors in a car. The engine is really good.
What I do not like
I do not like the looks of the stock rims. Please change it if you can! :)






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