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Speedometer Temporarily Works


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94 Accord Ex, My D4 Light was flashing and speedometer/odometer wasnt working, got a mew VSS, Got it installed, the D4 doesnt flash anymore, but the speedo/odometer still isnt working, itll work but off and on, sometimes it wont register a whole drive for 25 miles or so, checked the wiring plug for the sensor and still nothing, it drives better and shift smoother than before, CEL hasnt came back on, but i dont understand why isnt the speedo/odometer isnt working like it should

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You may want to check #1 (10A) fuse under the dash first..... if not more than likely the "speedometer" in your instrument cluster failing or is dead....It is an independent component in the cluster, but you can swap out the entire cluster. Cheaper out of junkyard especially if scared of it being misdiagnosed.

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