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Heater only works at 2.5k rpm


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So i have noticed that my heater has slowly been acting up for the past few months now. The problem that keeps happening is that my heater only blows hot air when my idleing above about 2.5k rpms. when im driving the car the heater works perfectly fine but as soon as i slow down to about 25mph or stop completely at a stoplight it starts to blow cold air. Im sure it is probably a simple fix but im hoping that some of you guys might have had a similar problem and found a fix. I drive a 2003 Honda civic. Im pretty sure that the modifications that i have made to the car arent the problem since the problem predates the mods. Any help would be appreciated.

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Check the coolant level and air mix motor. Your most likely problem is the blend door cable. It controls a door that changes from hot to cold air. You will have to have it diagnosed to make sure the cable is bad or not attached, because it also can be the door in the heater box that is stuck, but have to make sure the cable is working to determine which one it is.

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