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Shiftlock Problems


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Hey i have a 1996 Accord and the shifter wont move out of park without me putting the key the in shift lock key hole on the console and my trans only works correctly if i manually shift the gears and its an automatic...any solutions on how i can fix these problems..

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Hi, I would like to answer to your question here. If your Honda Accord's gear shift will not move out of park, there may be a serious problem with your vehicle. Verify that you have the key in the Honda Accord's ignition. The engine must be running, or the ignition must be turned to the "On" position in order to move the gear shift out of park. Depress the brake pedal fully with your foot. The Accord has a gearshift-brake interlock. If the brake pedal isn't depressed, you'll be unable to move the gear shift out of park. Use the emergency shift lock release if the above methods do not work. There may be a problem with your Accord's gear shift locking system. Locate the small tab to the right of the gear shift. Push open the tab with the tip of a flat head screwdriver. Behind the tab you'll see a keyhole. Insert your ignition key into the hole fully. Put your foot on the brake for safety and press the "Release" button on the front of the shift knob. Pull the knob down into the proper gear. In this case, consider moving it to "Neutral" and engaging the parking brake until the vehicle can be towed. Hope this helps.

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actually if the brake light switch on the pedal is not working, it will also cause the same symptoms as far as not being able to get out of park.... check to see if brake lights work when applying pedal. Keep It Simple... check fuses too, sometimes things get sticky in shifter from spills....



as far as manually having to shift, that does sound internal...double check fluid level though anyway (with car running idle and in park) already warmed up from driving.... but give it time enough to settle back down dipstick



keep us updated and good luck!

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