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Help identifying 01 Civic EX aftermarket alarm/keyless entry system?


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Can anybody help me identify my newly bought 2001 Civic EX's aftermarket alarm or keyless entry system? I'm not sure which it is, but I found a button installed near the hood release, which I cannot imagine is meant to be there, and there's a hole in the plastic cover plate for a switch hole, near the cruise control and power mirror control. My mechanic who I bought it from said that it must be an aftermarket system, he's just not sure which because I bought it from him in a rush.


He also said that he could program a pair of honda keyless remotes to the system given the time, but I needed the car in a hurry so he didn't have the time. Can anyone recommend the best course of action for determining the make/model, researching it, and possibly programming or having the key fob programmed? Thanks, geniuses!

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