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Honda Accord


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I have a 1998 Honda Accord 4 cylinder with 142,000 miles on it. Sense I've had it (132,000 miles) I'm debating on whether or not to change the transmission fluid (ATF-Z1). Reason why is I've heard from mechanics and friends to not change it if I don't know the last time it has been changed. According to them due to the high mileage it's a bad idea and could lead to transmission failure. All I was/am going to do is drain, refill and consistently change it every 30,000 miles. I'm curious about other peoples thoughts are on this situation, because I can't fathom the reason to not change it? Thanks in advance..

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Honda has a replacement schedule, follow it.


It's superstitious to think old fluid is holding a failing transmission together.


People get into trouble flushing their transmission. Nowhere does Honda recommend that action.

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