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91 Accord heater fan stopped


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Wife's Accord heater fan stopped the other day. Checked out the fuse under dash and the fuse in engine compartment.

Both are good. I did jump the engine compartment contacts to be sure and nothing. So figuring the heater motor must be bad.

How difficult is access and replacement on the Honda?


Appreciate any help and or direction.


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That year Accord is more difficult than the 94+ models but it's not like you'll be taking the dash out, just removing the blower assembly: the black box behind the dglove box. When you have it unbolted and partly out you might snag a wire. Feel behind it with your hand to be sure you didn't snag a wire, there's a few wires behind it that can get snagged.


Look around online, there's lots of info on removing these.

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you could also unplug motor connector usually accessible under hood, and feed 12v to see if it activates... sometimes along harness, wires can burn or break or corrode or mice chew...also check resistor which is a common culprit..... just a thought before replacing

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