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Halo Projectors L.E.D 94 Accord


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I finally purchased my halo projectors, and i got the high beam and low beams on correctly, and te whole assembly applied as is but i watched a video on youtube from specdtuning from where i got the headlights from, and the wiring assembly is alot different from the one in the video, it came with instructions but not enough in depth details, if you see the wiring installation video you will notice a red wire and black wire (+ -) connecting to the wire thats already attached to a harness with little quick connectors and the red and black wire connects to a black and white wire, but mines came differently, the red and black wire is already attached to the headlights and there jointed together by some plastic peice and the black and white wires are connected aswell but idk where they connect to, i tried to give as much indepth detail as i possibly can, hopefully somebody can help out

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