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96 honda accord


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I would say the first easy engine mod upgrade will be a cold air intake depending on ya area, if you live in a area thats a wet area then i would suggest a short ram intake, i put in a cheap short ram intake on my 94 accord for now untill i get enough money up for an injen intake, even tho i should have gotten the cold air intake because its a dry area here where i live but i was such a noob with this stuff before lol but yea, best to start off with an intake thats what i did, others may neg to differ cause we all have our own opinion but yea, hope this helped!

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A cold air intake is the intake that rest down at the bottom of the bumper and thats where it gets the cold air from to improve performance, i honestly dont know too much about short rams but i do know a cold air intake is a better selection than a short ram, i was just nervous on getting a cold air intake because i thought about if my engine hydrolock but i live in ct and where i stay is barely wet lol i would suggest the cold air since ya area stays dry mostly lol im gettin a cold air intake soon

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Performance gains from any alterations to the intake air tube depend heavily on what is done to the rest of the motor.


From my experience, the air tube should be low on the list of things to do but people insist on spending money on SOMETHING when they first get a car (other than maintenance, repairs, and restoration which would be the prudent thing to do) so the intakes are usually the first thing grabbed.


Be patient.


Your first mod should be an H22 swap, I'll let you decide if you want to boost. Then suspension and brakes.

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Yes the dash is replaceable.


Look up H22 and start there.


Improving the suspension would keep the car stable in corning and braking situations thereby allowing you to corner at higher speeds and brake from high speeds or simply do those things safer at normal speeds.

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