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Help with a 2003 accord v6


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Hello everyone


What i have is a 2003 accord with a v6 engine, 130,000 miles and going strong. What my problem is i have a ticking coming from my engine area when im running the car. i have narrowed it down to the area around my serpentine belt and power steering pump. last month i replaced the tensioner pulley and the power steering pump trying to resolve it and to no avail. What i have narrowed it down to is if you hit the gas the ticking increases then when idles it reduces and almost stops. if you place your hand on the power steering line while hitting the gas you can feel it in the line, i have checked and bled the lines with honda fluid so i know that is in good working order , the serpentine belt is is great shape ( replaced 6 months ago ) tunes up done last year and car idles great . now the weather in st louis has been cold so i tried to chalk it up to the weather but when the car runs for a long time it almost goes away but it is still there , now when i replaced the pump i had to use my old pulley from my OEM pump, could that be the issue ??


just trying to get this noise to stop so i dont go crazy !!!! So any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated


Thanks for any insight

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when you had the drive belts off, did you try running it a couple minutes? no more than 2 or 3 just to see if you still had the noise then. Then you can determine better if it is motor noise or drive belt or something driven off a belt.... also try one belt at a time and again running it. Also when was the timing belt done or aprox. mileage?

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