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p1259 and p0420

Tracy Ortiz

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I have a 2002 honda accord exl with 280,000. my check engine light just came on as i was driving and i pulled to check the oil automatically. yes i was low and so i added the appropriate oil hoping the light would clear but it didnt. i have gone almost 7,000 mileas without an oil change because i was going to sell the car and i just didnt want to put anymore money into it. So i went to the honda dealer and i got the error for the VTEC assemby and the catalyst converter. honda told me for the catalyst converter it would cost 1670.00 and i dont think so. is there anything that can be done instead of replacing this whole piece? as for the vtec assembly it would only cost me like 250 which im ok with that because that would save me from getting a new engine. But the service advisor was just so over dramatic saying i should have the car towed right than and there because of this. My answer was whatever. please advise. Thanks

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p0420 may be the cat and it definitely should not be replaced without a fight. You likely have an f22 series engine. 420 codes on those are defined as the secondary o2 sensor reading out of range. On occasion this is the catalytic converter having failed but often it will not remedy the problem, only delay it's return. The ULEV efficiency rating on that car has it's emission system wound up so tight that it takes very little for the CEL to come on. As the car ages the entire engine degrades and all of it's system begin to work less effectively. Everything from fuel filters, air filters, pcv values, fuel quality, injection system carbon build up, fuel ethanol content, o2 sensor failure, exhaust mid-pipe failure, exhaust manifold or gasket failure and the list goes on and on. If you really want to figure it out you need to find a diagnostic mechanic and not a replacement mechanic. Someone that won't just replace the cat and shrug his shoulders when your problem returns in 3 months.


What a lot of people find is that resetting the codes on a day when the weather is cooler will make the CEL go away, Sometimes for months at a time.

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