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97 Civic, Oil Leak


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'97 Civic EX, 84K miles, original owner. This baby has been, for the most part, problem free since I bought it. But for the past year or so I have ignored an oil leak. Of course, it isn't getting better and now I'm faced with repairing it.

If I understand this, the leak can be from one of four locations: valve cover gasket, oil pan, or the front or rear engine seals. Any other possibilities?

Not ever having dealt with this type of repair before, what's the bad news for repairing the problem?

Thank you.

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A lot of leaks are diagnosed incorrectly. When a Honda valve cover leaks it eventually ends up down near the oil pan area and spreads everywhere, looking like a major problem. Did they clean the areas off and then add a dye to the oil and reproduce the leaks?. Has the valve cover gasket ever been replaced? If it's leaking that fast you probably have a cam or crank seals leaking. The front crank seal will require the timing covers to be removed.

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